Each Farmer has his own field label, which is containing information such as, Farmer’s code, number of Coconut Palm Trees being certified and their location.

Farmers LabelFarmers Label

As well as every certified Coconut Palm Tree has its own Label with Code-Number and is traceable according to the Organic regulations.

Tree Label

Information such as Lot-Code, Production Date, Net Weight on each bag of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is very important to guarantee traceability of the sugar, which is obligatory by the Organic regulations.

Label on each Bag of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

What proof is necessary for exporting  and importing  to maintain Traceability and Organic Status of genuine Organic Coconut Palm Sugar?


For each and every shipment of organic products, the genuine Supplier and Exporter must request a “Certificate of Inspection” as well as a “Transaction Certificate” which confirms the organic quality for the respective lots.

The genuine Importer in Europe must hold a valid import authorization for each Organic Supplier outside the EU (i.e. the Organic Exporter and his Suppliers), except if the country of origin is on the so-called “third country list” or “Art.11 list” defined in the Annex to EU Regulation EC No. 1235/2008.


Pure handler operation such as traders or exporters do not have to be inspected and certified. Actually according § 205.101 (b) such operations are excluded from certification if they do not handle the products in a physical way (repackaging, labeling etc.). However, prevention of commingling and no contact with prohibited substances must be guaranteed.

However, American importers should request a “Certificate of Inspection” from the certifying body as well as a “Transaction Certificate” form their Organic Supplier as part of their own quality guarantee and confirmation of the genuine Organic Quality for the respective lots. These certificates are required for every shipment of organic products.

Due to the unfortunate practices of some exporters and importers of Organic Products it is legitimate for consumers to request proof for the Organic Quality of the product in case of any doubt.

Every importer is obliged to hold a copy of  the “Certificate of Inspection” as well as the “Transaction Certificate” and will provide them when the quality of the product is genuine organic.