Making Of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

The making of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar – Cocos nucifera has been done for centuries and has become the heritage of Javanese people.

Especially the Women play an important role in the processing of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.  After obtaining the freshly harvested sugary sap (Neera/Toddy), they have to start boiling the sugary sap immediately to prevent fermentation.

Boiling the sapBoiling the sap
Boiling the Sap - Ibu Tri Hot Coconut Palm Sugar

Reducing the water out of the sap takes about 3 to 4 hours to boil. Soon after the sugary sap becomes thick and sticky brown, it has to be stirred for a while until it chills out a bit.

Granulating process - Ibu Tri Granulating process - Ibu Tri

After the sugar chills out, it has to be ground to produce granulated Organic Coconut Palm Sugar using traditional tools.

Granulating Tools Granulating process - Pak Tri
Granulating & Sieving process - Pak TriGranulated Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Through sifting of the sugar, the Coconut Palm Sugar Farmers separate big pieces and foreign matters from the granulated Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.

It takes about 8 liter (2 gallons) of sap (Neera/Toddy) to produce one Kilogram of Organic Coconut Palm Sugar.

The last steps of processing the Organic Coconut Palm Sugar will be re-drying and re-sifting by using an oven and sifting equipment in a central processing unit organized by the Farmers co-operative. Organic Coconut Palm Sugar may be light-colored or dark. The appearance of the sugar varies greatly from batch to batch.

Oven for redrying the Coconut Palm Sugar Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

When the Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is chilled out, after the re-drying in the oven, it is stored in the warehouse.

Warehouse of the Farmers Co-operative